Vacations are supposed to be enjoyable times for most people. However, things change when you get sick and you have to seek medical care, especially if you’re in a foreign country. The stress most probably gets doubled if your condition requires surgery.

I met my patient in the Emergency room bringing an xray showing fractures in his jaw. After explaining his condition, I advised him for surgery of the fracture.

I saw hesitation in his face, as well as his 6 other friends. And of course, they asked a lot of questions. At one point, they even were contemplating of going back to their country of origin (Israel) to have the surgery done there. I provided him with the necessary paperwork which he then forwarded to his doctors there via email.

The next day, he said to me they’ve decided to have the surgery done by me because his doctors back in Israel agreed with my management. So we proceeded with doing the surgery: open reduction and internal fixation of the mandibular fractures with titanium plates under general anesthesia. The post operative course was unremarkable and I was able to send him home after a few days.

Imagine my big surprise when I saw what they actually had a bouqet of roses and a wine bottle for me when I made my rounds to give my instructions before sending them home. There was even a little note that said ” Doctor, Thanks for the devoted care and all ”

I was so touched! It was the cutest, sweetest thing ever! They said they were just so happy that everything went well. And that ,despite this minor hiccup in their travel, they would still be able to go on with their 4-month backpacking tour around Asia. 🙂