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com-advertenties verwijderen Verdien aan je site VideoPress-ondersteuning Installeer plugins Nieuw Thema’s uploaden Nieuw Implementatie most significant selection of fully free wordpress plugins and themes pertaining to obtain themes free of charge attain wordpress platforms themes nulled for the van Google Analytics Het WordPress. com-merk verwijderen Ontdek wat je website kan doen met meer vermogen Meer mogelijkheden Verken Community Ondeeming35 Free Business WordPress Themes Which Are Awesome Free Business WordPress Themes may appear lucrative and easy to find, but it is nothing less than a tedious task to say the least.

Great looking Free Business WordPress Themes are plentiful, but you must collect or bookmark the best ones, since free could also mean that the themes you find could be too plain and simple. Also, there may be a lot of other people using that particular theme. However, we have tried our best to find only the best free business themes for WordPress below. That way, your site will be able to stand out and “pop” to your visitors.

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Free or premium, if a theme is packed with great features and attractive design, it deserves a bookmark and some consideration when it comes to picking a design for your website. A lot of people look down on free themes and won’t even give them a try. They think that since these themes are free that they won’t be good themes for their website. However, a lot of designers put an amazing amount of effort and time into the free themes that they produce.

Below, you will find a list of some of the best free themes for WordPress that you are ever going to come across on the Inteet. Zincious Zincious, compatible with WordPress 3.

0, is an example of an elegant design. It has custom front and is pixel-perfect. Among its major features are content slider, dropdown categories menu, social media buttons, and well integrated comment management system.

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“Doctor, when I undergo a thyroidectomy, will I not be able to talk for a month? My neighbor said so”

“Doctor, when have my mass from the parotid gland removed, will half of my face not be able to move?

Above are just some questions I get from patients before undergoing a procedure. And I understand where the fear is coming from.

The head and neck is the a very delicate area when it comes to surgery. After all, this is where 4 of the 5 senses are located (sense of sight, hearing, smell and taste). Furthermore. it contains the nerves which control the movement of the face as well as the movement of the vocal cords which is crucial to our communication and swallowing, among other things.

Have you tried looking for a needle in a haystack? Well, unless, as a surgeon, you’ve done hundreds of surgeries, as well as applied the things you read in the surgical books, finding these important nerves is like finding a haystack under a big tumor.

See this picture on the left. This is a thyroidectomy procedure (we were removing a goiter from a patient). occupying the upper half of the picture is the thyroid gland being held by Babcock clamps . See the white thing (in the center of the picture) being pointed to with the forceps and the green arrow? That is the recurrent laryngeal nerve inserting at the cricothyroid area to control the vocal cords. The yellow round thing at the end of the blue arrow is the parathyroid gland, which controls calcium production.

With this picture, you see how small these important structures are in relation to the surrounding structures. The nerve in this area typically has a diameter of 1 to 2 MILLIMETERS. And this is a small thyroid gland. it was around 4 x 3 CENTIMETERS. We’ve done surgeries with tumors much bigger (as much as 4 times this size) than this, and still preserved the nerve and the parathyroid, AND still had minimal blood loss. It’s all about knowledge, skills and attention to details.

Below is another picture of anatomy details. This is a parotid cancer (I’ll be writing another blog about this case). On the right side is the diagram of the anatomy of the right side of the neck and jaw. See how delicate neck surgery is with all the great vessels supplying the head as well as nerves controlling tongue movement, shoulder movement, diaphragm movement. Any trauma to these structures will be of detriment to the patient, and may affect him or her for the rest of her life.

This last case is something I will write about in another blog. This is an ear cancer. This is a picture after we removed the tumor from the external ear, drilled down the mastoid bone and traced the facial nerve from bone up to the 5 branches. See the beautiful detail to anatomy, compared to the diagram on the right?

I hope these pictures show how important it is for you to choose a knowledgeable and competent surgeon especially when it comes to head and neck procedures.

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Nose Bleed Facts

Have you ever had nose bleeding? Or had a friend or relative with nose bleeding and you did not know what to do? Well, this blog is meant to teach you some facts about nose bleeds as well as first aid maneuvers when you encounter one.

The nasal cavity has numerous blood vessels which are located close to the surface lining. These vessels are fragile and prone to bleed easily.

The most common causes of nose bleeds are a breakdown in the lining in the nose, trauma to the nose or face, high altitude, drug abuse involving the nose, high blood pressure, anti-clotting medications, and medical conditions that prevent your blood from clotting.

Nose bleeds are usually benign in origin, but may cause the patients or their relatives to worry. It is important that you should not panic.

The following first aid maneuvers, are usually enough to control the bleeding:

  1. Sit up straight and lean slightly forward. A common misconception is that tilting your head back will make the bleeding stop. The reality is, tilting your head back will only cause you to swallow blood which can irritate your stomach and make you vomit afterwards.
  2. Pinch your nostrils together, applying direct pressure with the thumb and index/ middle finger for approximately 10 minutes.

  3. Spit out any blood in the mouth. As I said before, swallowing blood may make you vomit.

  4. Put an ice pack over the nose bridge (NOT over the forehead). Chewing on ice chips may help in some cases.

Treatment of the underlying cause of nosebleed such as control of hypertension is important. If the nosebleed persists 10 minutes, it is best to proceed to the emergency room for further management.

If the nosebleed is recurrent, it is recommended that you see your ENT specialist, who may do a nasal endoscopy to rule out any nasal tumors that may be causing the bleeding.

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Thyroid Problems

The butterfly shaped organ located in the middle of your neck beneath the Adam’s apple (thyroid cartilage).

It has 2 lobes wrapped around the thyroid cartilage (windpipe) which are joined together in the middle by the isthmus.

This endocrine gland uses iodine in producing chemicals Thyroxine, triiodothyronine called thyroid hormones, which are important in regulating metabolism, growth and development. These hormones are especially important in pregnancy and in chidhood because it affects brain development.

Thyroid problems may be classified into 2.

  1. Those that affect thyroid hormone production

  2. Problems that affect thyroid size

Hyperthyroidism is a disorder where the thyroid gland produces more thyroid hormones than usual. The most usual cause is Grave’s disease, an auto-immune disorder where the body produces the antibody thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins (TSI) which misdirect the thyroid to make too much thyroid hormones T3 and T4.

Symptoms are:


– rapid heart rate

– increased sweating or always feeling warm

– easy fatigability

-shortness of breath

-weight loss

-menstrual complaints

– diarrhea

Hypothyroidism, on the other hand, is a disorder where the thyroid gland produces less thyroid hormones than the normal values. The usual causes are

  1. Hashimotos thyroiditis, another auto immune disorder where the body produces antibodies which attack the thyroid gland, resulting in less production of thyroid hormones

  2. Previous treatment of hyperthyroidism, such are radio-active iodine

  3. Changes in the thyroid gland structure

The following are symptoms of hyperthyroidism:

  1. Lack of motivation or

always feeling tired

  1. Feeling cold

  2. Depressed feelings

  3. Hair loss

  4. Weight gain

  5. Bowel problems

  6. Hoarseness

  7. Heart problems

Goiter is the term used to describe any enlargement of the thyroid gland. It may be caused by

  • Infection

  • Inflammation

  • Iodine de